Recommended Contractors

Over the years I have received requests for a variety for different services around the house. Listed below are some people and companies that I’ve worked with and feel comfortable recommending. Know that to protect your home and property you should ask for proof of insurance from anyone you have working in, or on, your home. There are several different insurance policies but the most important is Workman’s Compensation. In case of injury, all medical expenses are paid and the person receives 60% salary while recovering. This proof would be a document known as a Certificate of Insurance, issued by the insurance company. Do not take this document from the service person himself. It may look legal but be out of date. You need to ask for the name and phone number of the insurance agency and that person will email, fax or mail a valid copy.

$35.00 Fee

Can’t loose a day’s pay to open the door for a contractor? For a $35.00 fee, we will travel to your house and unlock and relock the door when the job is finished.

Handyman Services – Ralph Harahan (978) 273 6413

Finish carpentry – Remodeling – Home Repairs – (see Harahan’s Carpentry on Facebook)
I have referred Ralph to customers for years and had excellent reports of his work. He has also worked on various projects at my house…easy to work with…professional….reasonable priced…excellent work done

Window Cleaning

1. Fish Window Company – Residential and Commercial (978) 602 4604 –
Fish is a franchise that I have used in the past. They also do gutters, mirrors and ceiling fans. Very professional in all aspects of the work that they had done…great work done in a timely fashion.
2. Abbot Window Cleaning (781) 899 6090
Abbot is a family run business out of Waltham and been around for a good 30 years or so. I have used them in the past and found them to be very professional with excellent results

Carpet and Rug Shampooing

1. Carpet Angel – (978) 562 5318 –
Family owned business – residential and commercial rug shampooing, I have not used them yet. For more information, take a look at their web site
2. Stanley Steamer – (800) 783 3637 –
Stanley is a franchise and offer a number of different services in addition to rug shampooing, i.e. 24 hour emergency water removal for the broken pipe – furniture cleaning –hardwood floors and air ducts. I have not worked with them and for more information take a look at their web site

Electrolux Vacuums (Sales and Service) – Mike Hirschfeld (781) 224 7405

The heart of any cleaning business is the vacuum cleaner. We run our vacuums 4 – 6 hours a day – 5 days a week, all year long and beat the hell out of them. And they have lasted for years. All parts, supplies or repairs are picked up and delivered free of charge. Mike has 40 years of experience working with people…professional…ease to work with …honest

Total Disaster Cleanup

Servpro – (508) 481 7556 –
They have 24/7 emergency service and if there’s a disaster that they don’t handle….I would hate to see it. They handle fire/water/mold/storm, crime scene and sewage back up (black water). They even have a procedure to dry out soaked paper work.

Total Disaster Cleanup II

Servicemaster – 800 783 0552
They have 24/7 emergency services as well as Servpro but some other services – Hoarding Solutions, Water Damage, Fire and Smoke Damage, Bio Recovery, Mold Remediation, Crime Scene Cleaning and others.

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