Hiring a Cleaning Company vs. Hiring an Individual

So, you need someone to clean your house. The next step is to hire either an individual or a cleaning company. Which is the best choice? At LTC Home Cleaning Service, we want to make you aware of the differences between hiring a cleaning company and hiring an individual so that you can make the choice that works best for you.

Hiring a Cleaner

You may be inclined to hire an individual over a cleaning company for your house cleaning needs. Many people do, and there are many individuals offering home cleaning services at a low price. But before you hire your local cleaner down the street, be aware of the taxes and liabilities that may be involved to do so. If you are their employer, you will be required to withhold and pay Federal Income, Social Security and Medicare taxes. The IRS may also require you to supply Publication 926 for Household Employees and Employment Verification Form I-9.


  • Deal with one individual in which you can build a relationship and trust
  • Tends to be cheaper than a cleaning company


  • Liability – who pays for house cleaning mishaps if something is broken or stolen?
  • Taxes – you may need to withhold and pay Federal Income, Social Security and Medicare taxes.
  • Shift coverage – what if your cleaner is sick or on vacation?
  • Professionalism – what if you have a disagreement with your cleaner and the relationship breaks down? And does this person have the tools and knowledge to do the job well and safely?

Hiring a Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company can give you peace of mind by removing many of the obstacles mentioned above when hiring an individual. Not all cleaning companies are the same, though, and you should ask if their cleaners are employees or contractors. If the cleaning company uses contractors, also known as a 1099 workers, they do not need to provide liability insurance, a business license or bond. This could put you in a bad situation is something is broken, stolen or if a cleaner is hurt on the job.

A professional cleaning company, like LTC Home Cleaning Service, has employees, and therefore takes care of all tax requirements, liability, insurance and bonds. See our insurance policies for more information. We also vet all of our employees to provide you (and us!) with peace of mind about who is entering your home. Finally, we have a set cleaning schedule and can provide coverage when one of our cleaners is sick or on vacation. Also, at LTC Home Cleaning Service, we strive to have the same people clean your house every time. This way you can create a relationship with our house cleaners and feel comfortable with them entering home.


  • All cleaners are vetted and trained
  • We handle the taxes, liability, insurance and bonds
  • Shift coverage if a cleaner is sick or on vacation
  • Professional cleaners who are trained to do their job well and safely
  • Peace of mind that your home will cleaned and treated well


  • May cost more than hiring an individual
  • Find out if the cleaning company has contractors or employees

LTC Home Cleaning Service is a professional cleaning company based in Acton, MA and serving the Metro West area of Boston. We look forward to providing you with top notch home cleaning services. Find out more about LTC Home Cleaning Service or contact us today!

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