April Spring Cleaning


April is the perfect time to clean all those neglected places in the home that don’t get a regular cleaning. Washing your windows is a good place to start. You can do it yourself, at least the insides, or call a professional window cleaning company, especially for the outside unless your okay with going up a ladder. Many of them will do both the inside and outside at your request.

Walls, baseboards are woodwork are other areas that don’t get regular attention. Walls pick up dust and dirt like everything else and your kitchen will have residual grease on them from cooking. And if you have baseboard heating get inside and underneath them with a slim vacuum wand – this will get rid of a lot of accumulated dust and dirt. Don’t forget the woodwork around doors and windows, especially the tops of doors and window sills along with those fingerprints that always seem to appear by magic on door frames.

While doing the walls take a look at any art work you have hanging there. When’s the last time you dusted the top of those picture frames? If your art is covered by glass this is a good time to clean it. That goes for any other picture frames you have around the house.

Lastly, unless you have a built in, don’t forget the top of the refrigerator. Most refrigerators are so tall you need a step stool to see the top so you don’t often know how bad it is unless you climb up and look. That goes for anything you may store on top. We suggest you take those items down for a thorough cleaning – especially the cookie jar!

Check back in May when we’ll turn to cleaning those household items in the great outdoors!

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